Undertale 3DS is a redone version of the Steam game Undertale developed by Toby Fox for the Nintendo 3DS that was released on 2017.

Plot Edit

A young child travels to Mt Ebott and falls down a hole. You're now trapped in the Underground with it's monster population. Will you spare them or slay them all?

Differences from the original Edit

Flowey's soul empowered form in the main story is different (though the original Photoshop Flowey is fightable via secret code).

The game's battle screen takes advantage of both screens whereas the original game was on one screen.

Due to the fact that the 3DS isn't as...flexible when it comes to the player's alteration of data, it means that several things were altered to accommodate the 3DS's limitations.

The player has coloured tabs on their save file to indicate which playthroughs they've done. A blue tab represents a Pacifist Run, a green tab represents a Neutral run, a red tab represents a Genocide run, a white tab represents a True Pacifist Run, a black tab represents a Soulless Pacifist Run and a orange tab represents the completion of Hard Mode.

Additions to the original Edit

Hard Mode is finished and it lives up to the name.

Mettaton NEO gets a proper boss fight but only on Hard Mode.

Genocide Run gets a few new bosses in order to give the player a reason to replay the game.

Chara and W.D Gaster are now proper bosses in the game, with the former being fightable in a Genocide Run or a Soulless Pacifist run.

A new bonus dungeon was added in that is built around the 3DS with a new boss at the end.

Bosses(Pacifist/Neutral) Edit

Boss Name Location Sparing Method Additional Notes
Napstablook The Ruins Cheer or flirt repeatedly.
Toriel The Ruins Spare her 20 times. If you kill her then reload your save, Flowey will call you out on it.
Doggo Snowdin Forest Can only see the player if they move.
Dogamy & Dogressa Snowdin Forest
Greater Dog Snowdin Forest
Papyrus Snowdin Endure his attacks. You can date him. You'll can skip it by being captured 3 times.
Mad Dummy Waterfall Let his own missiles defeat him.
Undyne Waterfall Dodge her attacks, wait for her to turn your SOUL red and make a break for it. Will transform into Undyne the Undying on a Genocide Run.
Mettaton (1st time) Hotlands Answer all of his quiz questions. Mettaton is invincible.
Royal Guards 01 & 02 Hotlands Clean Royal Guard 01's armour and whisper to Royal Guard 02.
Muffet Hotland Endure all of her attacks. The fight can be ended early if you bought an item from the Spider Bake Sale.
Mettaton (2nd time) The Core Listen to his monologue and trick him into turning around. Mettaton is invincible and will transform into Mettaton NEO on a Genocide Run.
Mettaton EX The Core Get the ratings up to 10,000 (or 12,000)
Asgore New Home Can only be spared once the fight is over. It's possible to lower his defence during the fight with him.
Photoshop Flowey 3DS Floweytale Can only be spared once the battle is over by pressing the Mercy button repeatedly. Designed to take advantage of the 3DS's features and is exclusive to the 3DS version.
Asriel Dreemur ???? Just outlast him. Can only be fought on a True Pacifist Run.
Asriel, God of Hyperdeath ???? Free all the Lost Souls and save Asriel's soul. Asriel's second form, cannot be attacked.

Bosses (Genocide) Edit

Boss Name


Additional Notes

Undyne the Undying Waterfall Only appears on a Genocide Run
Mettaton NEO The Core Dies in one hit and can only be truly fought on Hard Mode
Metal Gear Alphys Alphy's Laboratory Can only be fought on a Genocide Run.
Alphys NEO Alphy's Laboratory Is fought straight after her battle mech is destroyed, only fightable on a Genocide Run.
Sans Judgement Hall Will dodge all of your attacks until he falls asleep.
Geno Papyrus Judgement Hall Can only be fought on Hard Mode if you killed Sans outside the Ruins during your Genocide Run.
Chara, the Fallen Child ???? Can be fought on every Genocide Run after the first one.

Secret Bosses Edit

Boss Name Location Sparing Method Unlock Method Additional Notes
So Sorry Hotlands( Art Club Room) You have to wait 10 turns for the battle to end. Read the sign in the Art Club Room on October 10th at 8PM. One of the characters created during the game's Kickstart campaign alongside Muffet and Glyde.
Glyde Snowdin Forest(Mysterious Room) Applaud them twice and do nothing else. Dodge every name during the True Pacifist Credits to unlock the Mysterious room where he can be found. Created by Mike Reid for the game. The encounter must be done before fighting Papyrus or else it won't appear.
W.D Gaster The_Core? Help W.D Gaster come to terms with his actions. Find all of his followers and talk to them. You must also defeat Omega Flowey 3DS at some point. The boss will appear after the credits rolls by causing the game to 'bug out'.
Annoying Dog Developer's Room Pet him a few times. Find the Developer's Room. This boss shares attacks from other bosses.
Photoshop Flowey ???? N/A On the Title Screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, START. If you've done it correctly, you'll hear Photoshop Flowey's laugh before going into battle. This version of the game is the original version of Photoshop Flowey.

Hard Mode Edit

By naming the player character 'Frisk', you can play through a harder version of the game with different enemies, harder bosses and a whole new world to play through.

Differences in Hard Mode Edit

All characters have different colour schemes.

The game world is mirrored and Frisk moves faster. This also means that all enemy attacks are mirrored as well.

Enemy attacks do more damage or have different effects.

Enemies are replaced with later ones or new enemies.

It's harder to spare monsters now since the requirements have been changed.

Toriel will not help the player in the Ruins and Flowey is absent until you leave the Ruins.

Doggo wears a visor which helps to track the player's movement.

Sans will ambush the player once they leave the Ruins but can be spared. His death will cause Geno Papyrus to be fightable if you're on a Genocide Run.

Papyrus's puzzles are more difficult. For example, the tile puzzle doesn't have his footprints to guide you.

You can't skip the fight with Papyrus and he won't capture you, you'll just get a Game Over. He'll also bring out a Gaster Blaster once you reach the end of the fight.

Mettaton's questions are new and you're given less time to answer them. You won't be given any help by Alphys at all.

When Mettaton's quiz is answered, he'll 'kidnap' Alphys so you'll have to play his game.

The Royal Guards take longer to confess their feeling for each other.

Mettaton's games can actually kill the player since Alphys isn't there to help the player.

Mettaton is harder to convince which means that flipping his switch will take longer.

Mettaton EX's battle requires the player to gain 15,000 in ratings.

Mettaton NEO doesn't go down in one hit, you'll actually have to fight him.

Asgore will destroy the Mercy and Act buttons which gives the player much less options.

Asgore will actually put up a fight on the Genocide Run by absorbing the 6 souls and using them to fight you.

You can't ask the souls for help during the Photoshop Flowey 3DS fight. You have to outlast him until he changes SAVE files.

Once Photoshop Flowey 3DS has changed his SAVE file, you have to endure all 6 souls in succession and it's possible to die. The healing items will cause you to lose HP overtime if you touch them.

Once Flowey's defence has dropped to 0, he'll become more aggressive and use his attacks smartly.

Asriel Dreemur's Hyper Goner move can damage the player but can no longer reduce their HP to 1.

The player can get a Game Over during the Asriel battle which is an edited version of Photoshop Flowey 3DS's Game Over screen.

All his attacks can cause HP drain except his fireball and Hyper Goner attacks.

The final fight with Sans rearranges his attacks while having him mess with the 3DS's features. He'll also skip his dialogue and attack you once you step into the room.

Sans will 'spare' you as his first move. Accept and he'll blast you to death.

Photoshop Flowey 3DS Edit

Once Flowey kills Asgore, the player is taken to a 3DS menu screen of Flowey's design. All of the 3DS icons aside from the Undertale 3DS icon have his face on them and laugh at you when chosen. Once you get back to the game, the scene plays out normally.

Due to how Flowey alters the game originally (i.e alters your save file or crashes the game), the battle with him was redone to take advantage of the 3DS's features. His dialogue starts out the same but ends with him lampshading how he can't alter your save file so he settled for messing with your 3DS instead. The battle starts...

Flowey's new form is mostly the same except the TV has been replaced with a 3DS, the mouth is compressed and looks like it's plugged into the 3DS while the rest of the body has grown out of the 3DS. This new form allows him to mess with your 3DS by controlling it's features.

The battle itself is mostly the same but the Soul sections are redone to take advantage of the 3DS.

Trivia Edit

Flowey is the only boss whose form was changed in the main story.

W.D Gaster was a character who was the centre of much speculation when he was first discovered.