Mario e Luigi: Bowser's Dento Storia is an alternate version of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story that was developed by Alpha Dream and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.  It was also bundled with Mario e Luigi: Ottimostella SagaMario e Luigi: Socio di EpocaMario e Luigi: Squadra dei Sogni and Mario e Luigi: Carta Pasticcio for the Nintendo Switch as one of the first eShop titles you could buy.

Plot Edit

Gameplay Mechanics Edit

The player can move in 8 directions using the Control Pad. The A/B buttons are used for Mario/Luigi while X/Y is used for Bowser. Throughout the game's events, they learn new moves to help them overcome obstacles they can't get past normally.

The START button is used to access the Menu, the SELECT button allows you to save the game. Switching between the Bros and Bowser is done by using A/B or X/Y(depending on character). Pressing R allows the player to select which moves Bowser or the Bros can use in the overworld.

Battles use a different set of mechanics: Over the bros's heads are blocks that allows different actions.

Jump: The Bros jump on the enemy allowing them to deal damage. Time the first jump correctly and you can jump again. Doesn't work on spiked enemies.

Hammer: The Bros can attack the enemy with a hammer to deal damage. Time it correctly to deal more damage. Doesn't work on airborne enemies.

Bros Moves: Mario and Luigi can use all sorts of moves to deal damage to enemies which costs Bros Points. Baby Mario/Baby Luigi have less Bros Points due to their battle roles. Not all Bros Moves requires the babies to be alive though keeping them alive expands your options greatly.

Badges: The Bros can change which badges they use in battle. Each badge has a different effect and the two Bros can combine their badges for different effects.

Items: Allows the player to use healing items/status items in battle.

Flee: Allows the player to run away from a fight. You cannot flee from boss fights (except the ones in The Gauntlet).

Bowser's battle mechanics are done differently but use the same selection system the Bros use in battle.

Punch: Bowser goes up to an enemy and leans back before throwing a punch which hits a single enemy.

Fire Breath: Bowser breaths fire upon his enemies which damages all enemies on the field.

Vacuum: In battle, Bowser can inhale enemies which allows the Bros to fight them or can heal him. The move can only be used if the block is flashing.

Special Attacks: Bowser can use his henchmen in a variety of attacks which are unlocked throughout the game. One of these attacks can be unlocked if the player finds and returns all the Blittys to Broque Monsieur.

Items: Allows the player to use healing items/status items in battle.

Flee: Allows the player to run away from a fight. You cannot flee from boss fights (except the ones in The Gauntlet).

Additions to the Original Edit

Bowser gets his own version of the Gauntlet that allows him to fight either regular bosses or the giant bosses.

The game has Hard Mode which can be selected from the beginning. Another difficulty Darkness, is unlocked once the player beats the game once.

The Memory Gauntlet is unlocked after beating the game and takes place in the Memory Banks.

The game lets you see the levels of the enemies/bosses.

You can also skip cutscenes which is rather helpful.

The Memory Gauntlet has a new secret boss in place of Bowser X.

New Game Plus is now added in and allows you to carry your items and stats over. Key Items don't carry over.

Differences from the Original Edit

There are more enemies in Peach's Castle, this is done so that the player has an easier time levelling Bowser up.

Some of the boss stats have been changed slightly and a few new boss fights have been added in.

Wario and Waluigi appear in the story which means the plot is changed slightly.. Their role in the plot is minor since their goals involve trying to steal the Toadley Cure (and the Dark Star later on) before selling it for money.

The Gauntlet has you fight rounds of enemies with some exclusive monsters, the X Bosses have been moved to the Memory Banks.

Dark Star Core is more challenging to fight and has a few new attacks.

Mario and Luigi/Bowser can be fought after the final boss, however the player can choose to either fight Bowser/the Mario Bros or watch the ending and credits.

Bowser X is no longer in the game since Bowser can be fought after Dark Star Core. However in Hard Mode and Darkness Mode, the optional fight with Bowser has Bowser X's stats.

The Challenge Medal has a different effect: it raises the enemy's stats by 50% and lowers yours by the same amount.

Bosses (Mario + Luigi) Edit

Boss Name Boss Type Boss Location Level HP Gold EXP
Bowser Outside Peach's Castle 5 25 0 50
Stone Blooper Inside Plack Beach 8 320 0 66
Big Sculet Inside Flame Pipe 10 280 50 200
Durmite Inside Nerve Cluster 14 326 120 300
Alpha Kretin/Beta Kretin Inside Flab Zone 14/16 20/385 0/200 0/700
Wario/Waluigi Outside Toadley Clinic 18/18 500/497 600 2000
Wisdurm Outside Energy Hold 20 1210 800 2800
Bowser Memory ML Inside Memory Banks 24/22 730/845 250/350 1500/1500
Chakron Outside Plack Beach ?? ???? 0 0
Wario and Waluigi Outside Peach's Castle(Entrance) 26/24 1200/1000 1000 3500
Junker Outside Peach's Castle(Garden) 28 1445 900 6000
Dark Star Inside Airway 32 1600 2000 9999
Dark Star Core Final Boss Inside Bowser 40 2340 0 0
Bowser Extra Dark Star Hallway 50 2500 0 0

Bosses (Bowser) Edit

Boss Name Boss Type Boss Location Level HP Gold EXP
Midbus Regular Cavi Cape 10 95 0 100
Broque Monsieur Regular Plack Beach 14 158 0 130
Sea Pipe Statue Regular Plack Beach 16 320 150 150
Broggy Regular Plack Beach 20 200 200 260
Wiggler Regular Dimble Wood 23 440 157 344
Bowser Castle Giant Dimble Wood 25 535 200 380
Midbus Regular Bowser's Castle 28 950 300 550
Wario/Waluigi Regular Toad Town Caves 30/28 1200/1000 1000 1700
Tower of Yikk Giant Blubble Lake 30 1508 800 1800
Elite Trio Regular Bowser's Castle 34/31/30 1669/1430/1233 1200 2344
Fawful Express/Fawful Mountain Giant Bowser's Castle (Outside) 35/30 1885 1000 3500
Mechawful Enforcer Regular Peach's Castle 35 2000 1654 5400
Blizzard Midbus Regular Peach's Castle 37 2041 1800 6500
Super Peach's Castle Giant Peach's Castle Garden 38 1488 2000 7500
Dark Fawful Regular Peach's Castle 40 1804 7500 9999
Dark Bowser Final Boss Dark Star Hallway 45 1500 0 0
Mario and Luigi Extra Dark Star Hallway 50 2500/2300 0 0

Unlockables Edit

Darkness Mode: The game's hardest difficulty. The game is mirrored and all enemies and bosses are at their strongest. You can only have 10 items each and items are more expensive now. A Game Over will send you to the Title Screen instead of allowing you to retry.

Memory Gauntlet: Once you beat the game, return to the Memory Banks. The Bowser Memory Neuron will tell you that it has revived some memories and wants to see you challenge them.

Battle Ring: Bowser's version of Memory Gauntlet. Once you beat the game, return to Broque Monsieur's shop. He'll tell you that he's opened up the Battle Ring and wants you to try it out.

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