Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle DX is a remake of the DS (and GBA) game and is released by THQ on Nintendo 3DS.

Plot Edit

The neferious Undergrowth has risen up and taken over Amity Park, transforming it into an urban jungle. Transform into Danny Phantom and put a stop to Undergrowth's reign of terror!

Gameplay Mechanics Edit

Worlds Edit

World 1: Amity Park

World 2: Ghost Zone

World 3: Undergrowth City

World 4: Ghost Zone Underpass

World 5: The Internet

World 6: Casper High

World 7: Memory

Bosses(Main Story/Boss Rush I) Edit

Boss Boss Name World
Lunch Lady Amity Park
Undergrowth Amity Park
Box Ghost Ghost Zone
Veggie Queen (1) Undergrowth City
Veggie Queen (2) Undergrowth City
Undergrowth (2nd time) Undergrowth City
Captain Youngblood Ghost Zone Underpass (4
Technus The Internet (5-1)
Mega-Technus The Internet (5-2)
Giga-Technus The Internet (5-2)
Tera-Technus The Internet (5-3)
Meat Monster Casper High (6-1)
Meat-N-Potatoes Casper High (6-2)
Undergrowth (3rd time) Casper High (6-3)
Lunch Lady Casper High (6-4)
Undergrowth (Final Boss) Casper High (6-4)
Super Undergrowth Undergrowth City (Final Round)

Bosses(Boss Rush II) Edit

Boss Boss Name Location
Ember Amity City (Round 1)
Dragon Amity City (Round 2)
Skulker Amity City (Round 3)
Fright Knight Ghost Zone (Round 4)
Spectra and Desiree Ghost Zone (Semi-Final Round)
Vlad Plasimus Vlad's Castle (Final Round)

Memory Bosses Edit

Boss Boss Name Location
Captain Youngblood M Memory (7-1)
Lunch Lady M + Box Ghost M Memory (7-2)
Veggie Queen 2 M + Meat Monster M Memory (7-3)
Undergrowth M (3 rounds) Memory (7-4)
Technus M, Mega-Technus M and Giga-Technus M Memory (7-5)
Memory Phantom, Memoria Memory (7-6)

Additions to the Original Edit

The game now has a level select which allows players to replay any level they like.

The game has 2 new difficulties added in: Nightmare and Maniac.

Once the player beats the game, they can unlock a secret world called Memory.

Differences to the Original Edit

The original boss rush mode is now called Boss Battles II and is unlocked by completing Boss Battles.

Undergrowth now takes more damage from Ghostly Flame. He also has an additional form when fought in Boss Battles mode, this form is called Super Undergrowth.

The 3D Models have been upgraded to take advantage of the system's graphics. As such, all the game's bosses have attacks that take advantage of the system's 3D feature.

The game has three other bosses that are fought in the Fenton Flyer. These bosses are Tera-Technus, Youngblood M and Super Undergrowth.

Trivia Edit